1. Cougar Life
    Serene Dominic & The Gemseekers

  2. Subterranean Heaven
    Serene Dominic & The Gemseekers

  3. Walk into a Wall (single mix)
    No Volcano

  4. Silver Alert (pre-release version)
    Serene Dominic

  5. Dust Devil Spin
    Carol Pacey & The Honeyshakers

  6. Grab It and Go
    Eleven Forties

  7. Dead Horse Power
    No Volcano

  8. Stang!
    The Gladhanders

  9. Me and My Big Heart
    Serene Dominic & The GemSeekers

  10. Drones
    Shark Cage 6

  11. Real Revolting
    The Evolution VI

  12. I'm a Taker
    Vic Masters

  13. Karma
    The Lonesome Wilderness

  14. Lantern of Good Intentions
    The Sunnyslope Strings

  15. Hey, I'm Buzzed!
    The Eleven Forties

  16. Almost Forever

  17. Cream Colored Cadillac
    Serene Dominic

  18. Brite and Sunny Future
    The Extended Play

  19. Blackout
    No Volcano

  20. Who Saved the Party CD
    No Volcano

  21. Scranton
    Cole Summers

  22. Priceless is Right
    The Butane Brothers

  23. Serenity
    The Extended Play

  24. Manitoba
    The Sunnyslope Strings

  25. Your Heart Ain't Sayin' (What Your Mouth Is Thinkin')
    Jimmy Jay & The First Responders

  26. Days of Futile Tasks
    Serene Dominic

  27. State of Affairs
    Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers

  28. Breaking Glass
    The Butane Brothers

  29. 1944!

  30. If Tallulah Were Mine
    Serene Dominic

  31. I Am the Perpetrator
    The Dee Cups

  32. Once Before
    Broken Poets

  33. We've Got Your Back Now (Extended Club Mix)

  34. Tight Wad

  35. Three Minute Vacation
    The Sunnyslope Strings

  36. I've Got So Much to Forgive
    The Gladhanders

  37. You're Gonna Know All About Me
    Serene Dominic

  38. Vultures
    Big Blue Couch

  39. The Great Sonoran

  40. Rumble in West Patagonia
    Shark Cage 6

  41. I Don't Like You, Mister
    Ark of Gold

  42. Mantra

  43. San Jacinto Death Row Prison Band
    San Jacinto Death Row Prison Band

  44. Here

  45. I'm Heart Wired
    The Discretions

  46. Independent Thought
    Brooklyn Beard

  47. "E.T.A."
    Morbos (The Sunnyslope Surrealist)

  48. Down to the Ravine
    Serene Dominic

  49. Onus Records presents "Sound Explosion"
    Various Artists

  50. Dark Lullaby
    The Sunnyslope Strings featuring Whistlin' Lady Griffin

  51. Diabetes
    Tribal Leader

  52. All That Gorgeous Going to Waste
    Serene Dominic

  53. Tropical Contact High
    Rum Drinker

  54. Our Ship Has Sailed
    Zack Phillips

  55. Autumn Lake
    Chris Doyle,

  56. Sarsaparilla Lillian
    Stephen Oddyssey & the Love Buzz

  57. Theme From 'The Rectifiers'
    Serene Dominic featuring Joobs

  58. Theme From "The Rectifiers"
    Serene Dominic featuring JOOBS

  59. Poison Arrows
    Ticker Tape Parade

  60. The Extended Play Dual Play
    The Extended Play

  61. 2791!!! Happy New Year!
    Wes & the Westdales

  62. The Measure
    The Extended Play

  63. Crush
    Big Blue Couch

  64. Drop of a Hat
    Serene Dominic

  65. Heritage Hump Helps Volume 1
    Various Artists

  66. Holy Mother of Christ! It's the Best of the Beat Angels
    Beat Angels

  67. Apples
    Trunk Federation

  68. Dream Along with Me (Poseidon's Lament)

  69. Incurable Condition
    The Nervous

  70. (I Got a) Swimming in My Head
    Serene Dominic

  71. Why Should I Care
    Caesar Bach a/k/a Otto D

  72. It Is What It Is
    Sara Griffin

  73. Swimming in the Head: Deluxe Edition
    Serene Dominic & the Original Cast

  74. All That Love Has Worn Away
    Bob Woodruff

  75. Smoke in the Valley

  76. We Were Never Here

  77. The Historian
    No Volcano

  78. Keith's Junk
    Mill's End

  79. Crazed Shape Shifter*
    Serene Dominic

  80. Lie About the World
    M.B.E. Mutant Beatles Experiment

  81. Disconnect Your Heart
    Peter Gilstrap & The Comfort Zone

  82. Detour
    M.B.E. Mutant Beat Expo

  83. You'll Never Let Me Go
    The Sunnyslope Strings

  84. Anti-Stress Zen Garden
    Adrian Evans featuring MC Reene

  85. The Long Game
    No Volcano

  86. Don't Gimme No
    Banana Gun

  87. Nothing Is As Fun
    Field Tripp

  88. For Your Extreme Convenience
    Serene Dominic

  89. Everyone is Looking at Their Phones
    Serene Dominic

  90. All the Integrity Money Could Buy
    The Breakup Society

  91. Why I Don't Deserve You
    The Discretions

  92. Death of You
    Soft Deadlines

  93. Sensitive to Light

  94. The Lonesome Wilderness EP
    The Lonesome Wilderness

  95. General Time Horizon
    The Sunnyslope Strings featuring Serene Dominic

  96. Haunt All Your Mansions

  97. The Last Man on Earth
    Felony Daniels

  98. Waiting on American Girls
    Eric VanAusdal

  99. Infatuated
    The Bittersweet Way

  100. Onus Single of the Weekend Commercial

  101. Kiss Her Daddy, Mommy's Far Away
    Serene Dominic

  102. Johnny Johnny Law
    Cait Brennan

  103. What's One More Soul 2 the Devil?
    Donna Fortunata

  104. Ginger Come Running
    Morbos ("The Sunnyslope Surrealist")

  105. Nevah Shoulda Left
    The Gladhanders

  106. Tropicana
    The Lonesome WIlderness

  107. There's No Us Without U
    Jono Manson

  108. Out of the Moment
    No Volcano

  109. Bones
    Eric Van Ausdal

  110. Primitive Man ( I Ask You)
    Serene Dominic

  111. Hey
    Dutch Holly

  112. Strength Was Always Your Weakness
    The Makeup Sects

  113. Wasted (free single)
    The Lonesome Wilderness

  114. Cat Is In The Bag
    The Jones Affair

  115. The Shing

  116. Sarsaparilla Lillian
    Harrison Hufman

  117. All I Have is Music

  118. No Space

  119. The Workers and the Walkers

  120. C'mon & Do the Hesitation
    Serene Dominic

  121. Jingle of the Weekend: George Brazil
    Scorpion vs Tarantula

  122. My Secret Life
    Serene Dominic & the GemSeekers

  123. Tribute (free single)
    No Volcano

  124. Epic Love Fail
    Carol Pacey & The Honeyshakers

  125. It Only Hurts When I Love
    Serene Dominic

  126. You Can Love a Song
    The Egregious Brothers & Sister Hill

  127. Who Saved the Party (free single)
    No Volcano

  128. I've Known Her To Be That Way
    The Braille Building

  129. Square Pegs
    Eric VanAusdal

  130. Tightening Your Grip on Me
    Wes and the Westdales

  131. Heritage Hump Day
    Onus Records every Wednesday

  132. Cat Burglar
    The MadCaPs

  133. Feel Good Vibe
    Cousins of the Wize

  134. Ginchy
    The Surfside iV

  135. Give Into the Beat

  136. Home Sick Home
    Grievous Angels

  137. Illuminati Stormhorse a/k/a First Band on the Sun
    Less Pain Forever

  138. Lelekwia
    The Lemmings

  139. The Ballad of Reichen Overgraaben

  140. Wanna Be In the Show
    Psycho Gypsy

  141. A Brand New Shoe
    Fred Green

  142. And She
    The Stumbles

  143. Big Brown Van
    Stone Bogart

  144. Body and Soul
    The Sciannas

  145. Itty Bitty Thoughts
    Runaway Diamonds,

  146. Oatmeal Cream Pie
    The Loud Americans

  147. One Block Away

  148. Opening Credits
    Back Ted N-Ted

  149. Pink Dress
    The Piersons

  150. Promises
    Gentlemen Afterdark

  151. Revolutionary
    W.O.M.B. Warriors of Make Believe

  152. Roxbury Avenue Massacre
    The Eleven Forties

  153. Ska vs. Spy
    Kongo Shock

  154. Stupid

  155. Subject Predicate
    Before Braille

  156. Swallowed Bombs
    Sugar High

  157. Sweet Dreams
    The Slims

  158. Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage
    Killer Pussy

  159. The King
    The Hoodwinks

  160. Raise the Light

  161. The Sky is Curved

  162. You Should Travel

  163. My .45
    The Green Lady Killers

  164. Truck Lover
    Trunk Federation

  165. Turpentine

  166. Candybox

  167. Throw Your Babies
    Less Pain Forever

  168. The Bedspins - Dual Play
    The Bedspins

  169. Pacifist Fight Song
    Dead Hot Workshop

  170. Slice of Life
    Dead Hot Workshop

  171. Revolution Without Guns Part 1
    Burning Bush

  172. 1000 Miles
    The Pistoleros

  173. Damn Thing

  174. Three Cross Curve
    Jesus Chrysler Supercar

  175. Bar Room

  176. She Shoots Starlight
    Beat Angels

  177. Media Sensation
    Zen Lunatics

  178. Mr. Maybe
    Serene Dominic & the Semi Finalists

  179. Winter Trance Party
    Serene Dominic


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